Legal compliance with d.Lgs. 231/2001

Our team of professional in different areas of practice, such as legal, organizational, workplace and environmental security, assists our Clients in defining Organizational, management and control Models, through:

  • detailed risk analysis in relation to all criminal offences which may be commitment, including measurement of the risks, analysis of cases and examples of different felonies in relation to operative processes, advices, and suggestions for improvement actions, in relation to each operative process;
  • development of an Organizational Model, based on the corporate reality of the Client and on precise control principles, considering the peculiarities of the Client’s area of business and of the findings of the risks analysis, with a view to enhance the internal control systems, in compliance with the already existing corporate rules;
  • definition of an ethical code and protocols and support in drafting the documents describing the Organizational Model adopted;
  • services connected to the role of the “Supervisory Board” (cd. Organismo di Vigilanza), which shall guarantee on the effectiveness, adequacy, enforcement, and compliance with the Organizational Model;
  • trainings sessions for managers and personnel on the Organizational Model, through workshops and/or e-learning methods.

In providing our Services, we use methodologies which aim at:

  • increasing the sharing of values and addresses at a corporate level;
  • ensuring a system for the control of third parties, in order to safeguard the management’s position;
  • improving the company’s image in the relations with commercial, institutional partners and counterparties, and in general with all other third parties involved