We provide functional legal advice, with particular attention to the priorities and needs of those who work in the first lines in their companies or organizations. We often work in house, by creating and leading a working team which includes the active participation and support of the recipient of the service.

We have reserved a consistent part of our public presence to seminars and workshops addressed to companies, which we conduct in a very informal and interactive way, also by analyzing concrete cases. 

The documents we draft, are designed to combine, whenever possible, the legal language with a more clear and simple language, which can be easily understood also by operators who do not have a legal background.

In our work, we follow a cross disciplinary approach; when necessary, we integrate our legal work with the support of other professionals, experts in data security, environmental health and security in the workplaces and corporate organization.

Within out Firm, we also have a service of legal translations (from and to English, German and French) which allows us to be, at the same time, fast, technical, precise and effective in managing legal advice in different languages in our practice areas.

Our Offices

Our offices are located in the San Vittore area, near the city center and within walking distance from the Darsena, the heart of the city’s life.

Our strategical position is a reasonable compromise between an easy mobility (just outside the C Area, and easily accessible by our clients), and the elegance of the area.