Contractual and negotiation assistance

We assist our Clients in drafting and negotiating national and international agreements. 

Our approach is focused on:

  • attention in the definition of the contents of each agreement, with the aim of minimizing the margins of litigation during execution and/or interpretation by a judge;
  • drafting of annexes to the contract (with the support of professionals in specific technical areas, where necessary), so as to obtain a coherent and detailed contractual structure;
  • clarification, in the preliminary negotiation phase, of all pending issue, in order to avoid discussions or misunderstanding in the following phases of the works, and reduce timing and commercial costs which may be caused by different and contrasting interpretation of the agreement, and with a view to enhance collaboration and trust between the contracting parties.

Moreover, our services include:

  • verification of specific business needs and drafting of general conditions or standard contracts;
  • provision of specialistic opinions and advice on contractual requests and on draft proposed by counterparties or partners;
  • support for the Client in commercial negotiations by participating in meetings with counterparties;
  • support in the out-of-court definition of any disputes (active and passive) that may arise in the management of company operations.