Legal assistence in the field of digital communication and influencer marketing

Keeping up with the new opportunities and scenarios offered by the digital market and by social networks, we offer to our Clients legal support in managing relationships with Influencers and other partners in the context of communication campaigns or other advertising or sponsored initiatives for the promotion of products or services of the Client. 

Our services include a 360-degree support in the adaptation of internal communication or sponsorship initiatives, as well as a thorough verification of creative contents and materials provided by external agencies within the context of such activities, and in full compliance with the Legislative Decree 145/2007 on misleading advertisement, with the Legislative Decree 206/2005 for the protection of customers, with the Code of Conduct for commercial communication and with all other relevant applicable laws on advertisement.

Our service also include the drafting of support materials, including: Internal policies and procedures for the correct use of digital tools and instruments, Guidelines and procedures for the creation of advertising contents, in light of the fairness and transparency principles and in full compliance with the most recent guidelines of the Italian Agency for Telecommunication (AGCOM), of the Italian Authority for Advertisement (IAP), with Corporate Governance Code, with all the relevant sectorial legislation and with the laws on the protection of intellectual property rights.