Intellectual properties and brand protection in the digital evironment and exploitation of new communication channels with the public

We assist our Clients in the protection of their intellectual properties and in defining the best way of exploiting digital channels for communicating with the public, especially through:

  • drafting, with the Client’s support, corporate policies to support internal department in defining the development of websites, web portals, digital applications, mobile apps, projects involving social network, artificial intelligence;
  • drafting of specific contractual clauses in order to manage the relationships with agencies in charge of carrying out market researches or sentiment analysis activities;
  • support in the correct setting of advertising activities in the context of influencer marketing;
  • assistance in the protection (either judicial or extra judicial) of the company’s copyrights on graphical, methodological, and technological solutions;
  • drafting of contract for the sale and purchase of licenses for intellectual property rights.