Training and learning sessions, workshops, e-learning

Among our services, we offer training and learning sessions on specific subjects, including privacy and protection of personal data, corporate compliance and Organizational Model pursuant to D. Lgs. 231/2001.

Our learning sessions include both general and theoretical notions on the main principles of the applicable laws, and more technical and practical notions, tailored on the area of business of the Client, as well as on any relevant sectorial applicable law. Furthermore, and within our consultancy services, we offer specific training sessions on the correct use and implementation of all documents and deliverables prepared for the Client (e.g. appointments of delegates, policies, information notices etc.).

All our learning services are modulated and adapted to the specific needs of the Client, and can be delivered both in class and at distance; timing, duration and recipients of such sessions are always defined in advance and agreed upon with the Client, with the possibility to arrange single sessions for personnel with specific duties and competences within the company.

We furthermore offer drafting of learning materials (e.g. awareness raising materials, simulations of possible scenarios with fictional characters, legal text easily accessible via hypertext) which can also be uploaded into e-learning platforms including animations, sounds, multiple answers questions and randomized answers.

We also offer a range of “ready-to-go” solutions, thanks to a consolidated collaboration with our technological partner Mediamed Interactive, which allows us to offer to our Clients a product based on the more evolved and widespread  training platforms, so that our Clients can enjoy both standard sessions or more tailored sessions.