E-commerce and consumers protection

We offer specific services to companies operating in the e-commerce sector, by supporting them in designing and reviewing their e-commerce channels, in full compliance with data protection laws and consumers protection laws.

Our services in this specific area include:

  • drafting (or reviewing) of General Terms of Sales, Terms and Conditions for websites and e-commerce channels, compliant with consumers protection laws, and light of the business goals of the Client;
  • supporting the exam or the design of e-commerce channels (e.g. designing the online journey which leads the Customer to buy or to pre order a specific product; drafting of specific documents to be implemented in the single parts of the online journey, such as the online chart);
  • assisting and supporting the single contact persons or internal teams in designing and using specific instruments; proposing solutions which may help to achieve the business goals, with the highest level of compliance with all applicable laws;
  • assistance in negotiation and dispute resolution proceedings with customers.