Legal Desk

Nowadays, within the context of their daily business activities, all companies must face different legal issue, whose resolution often requires a cross disciplinary approach; finding an effective solution to such issue, may easily result in an increase of management costs, as well as in a waste of energies and efforts, which inevitably impacts the timing of the intervention.

In order to meet these needs, we offer our Legal Desk services, which are specifically addressed to Small or Medium Size Companies.

We specifically offer legal assistance and cross disciplinary consulting services on whose availability and swiftness our Clients can always rely on.

Our services are designed for small companies or entities that intend to outsource the resolution of legal issues, but it may also represent a valuable support to the legal departments of bigger and more structured companies.

We offer our specialist services through a team of senior professional – specialized in different areas – which may help the Client in capitalizing legal consultancies, by guaranteeing a constant legal update in its area of business; our cross-disciplinary approach moreover, allows to fully exploit the economies of scale.

Among our areas of practice:

  • Assistance in corporate compliance (e.g. protection of personal data, workplace safety, environmental laws, D. Lgs 231/2001, healthcare regulation);
  • Contractual assistance (both active and passive cycle);
  • Drafting/verification of legal/commercial correspondence;
  • Legal assistance for the protection of intellectual properties;
  • Legal/technical-organizational assistance on the use of telematic and informatic systems;
  • Legal assistance in the area of marketing and communication;
  • Credits management and collection, both in Italy and abroad.

To each of our Clients, within the context of our services, we offer the support of a dedicated “legal contact person”, who shall coordinate the action and shall have direct and regular contacts with the company. We believe that such presence:

  • Consolidates trust with the Client;
  • Allows better customization of the services, on the basis of a deeper knowledge of the Client’s needs;
  • Guarantees a constant legal presence, which may actively interact with the Client.

With regard to the modalities of our intervention, we offer the typical “help desk” methodology: which means flexibility and freedom for the Client to define an annual budget which shall be allocated to the services, so as to take full advantage of the economies of scale.

Our goal is to transform what up until today has – probably – been perceived as the sole cost of compliance, into an insurance – or better, an investment in a well-done job.