Ongoing data protection consultancy with maintainance support

With this service, we offer to our clients constant support, helping them on an ongoing basis in dealing with problems relating to the processing of personal data. Our goal is to offer to our clients the well-established experience of our professionals in order to find quick and effective solutions to the increasingly frequent privacy implications of the daily management of business activities.

Our services may include, by way of example, the following activities:

  • Assistance in managing requests from the data subjects; 
  • Updating or drafting privacy notices and consent forms;
  • Updating or drafting procedures, policies and/or operating instructions;
  • Assistance in defining privacy roles and responsibilities with external providers and drafting all necessary documents required by the law;
  • Assistance in evaluating informatic instruments and/or new technologies for processing of personal data;
  • Assistance in launching digital marketing campaigns, or sponsoring projects, in full compliance with data protection requirements;
  • Assistance in launching recruitment projects, or selection of personnel, in full compliance with data protection requirements;
  • Legal advice in launching new projects which may involve processing of personal data;
  • Periodical audits to verify the client’s compliance, either in general or with regard to single business areas;
  • Assistance at the client’s offices during inspections carried out by the supervisory authority or by the Custom Police.

With regard to the modalities of our intervention, we offer the typical “help desk” methodology: which means flexibility and freedom for the Client to define an annual budget which shall be allocated to the services, so as to take full advantage of the economies of scale.